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Relentless pursuit of justice.

Unwavering commitment to clients.

Commitment.  Experience. Expertise.

Newirth Law PLLC is a New York law firm devoted to the representation of those charged with or convicted of crimes and those whose civil rights have been violated by state actors.  We represent individuals in criminal matters pre-charge, at trial, on appeal, and post-conviction.  We are committed to our clients and are relentless in our pursuit of justice.   

We specialize in cases involving claims of actual innocence and other miscarriages of justice, including those resulting from police and prosecutorial misconduct.  We are experts in the law and science of eyewitness misidentification and confessions and interrogations.  

Our experience in the area of criminal defense and appeals is deep.  We have represented individuals and corporations during criminal and regulatory investigations, pre-charge, post-indictment, at trial, on direct appeal, and post-conviction.  We have handled allegations of the most complex financial crimes as well as the most serious violent crimes.  

Our expertise, in particular with the law and science of eyewitness identification and confessions and interrogations, has been recognized by courts, adversaries, peers, academics, and clients alike. 


We also work with attorneys, advocates, and legal services organizations who share our values and our mission to reimagine the criminal legal system.


Contact Us

If you are a person in need of legal assistance, a family member or loved one of someone who has been accused or convicted of a crime, or an attorney, advocate, or legal services organization interested in collaboration, please get in touch.

43 West 43rd Street, Suite 160

New York, New York 10036

*by appointment only

Tel: 917-426-5551

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